Substance Abuse/MIP 16 & Older


Adult Substance Abuse / MIP ( Ages16 and Older)

Alcohol, Drugs, Marijuana, Vaping

Live, Facilitator Led Classes hosted on Zoom

One Day Class
Saturday or Sunday
Class Times:  9:00AM to 2:00PM

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Adult Substance Abuse / MIP (Ages 16 and Older)

Alcohol, Drugs, Marijuana, Vaping

One Day – $75
Saturday or Sunday
Class Times are 9:00AM to 2:00PM

Live, Facilitator Led Classes hosted on Zoom

The drugs and alcohol program does not focus on chemical addiction. Instead, it helps individuals understand the decision process they have to go trough when they choose to ingest harmful substances. It does not focus on what drugs or alcohol do to the body. Research indicates that knowing the effects drugs have on the body has little impact in decreasing/eliminating use. This program does explore patterns of use and contributing attitudes. The individual learns how to face the challenges of abstinence and altering present substance abusing behavior patterns.

Program Contents

  • Introduction and Agreements
  • What Did I Do & Why?
  • Contributing Factors
  • Values, Attitudes, Behaviors
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Staying in Control
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Managing Stress
  • Depression
  • Choices
  • Personal and Family Consequences
  • Present Behavior and Personal Goals
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