Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions:

Is NCTI offering online classes?

We are offering Remote Learning Classes at this time. We are not offering in-person classes. We are holding all of our classes on Zoom. The classes are similar to our in-person classes. You log in at a specific date and time and participate with other students in a classroom.

Do I need a Zoom Account to participate?

No, however it is recommended that you download the Zoom Client App prior to your class. Please use the following link to download the app:

What do I need to enroll into a class?

You need the name of your referring court or agency, case number and deadline date.

What do I need to enroll online ?

You need the name of your referring court or agency, case number and deadline date. It is important that you have the correct court and case number.  If any of the information is missing on the enrollment form, you will be enrolled as a SELF ENROLL  and your court will not be notified of your class completion.

Also, you will be asked to choose 2 class options. You will be enrolled in the preferred class location, if the class is full by the time we receive your enrollment, you will be enrolled in the alternate class location.

What if I cannot find my case number?

You will need to call the court/agency that referred you to NCTI and request your case number. If you can not provide us with your case number we will enroll you as a self enrollment and your completion certificate will not include the information from court.

I have not been to court yet, can I still enroll?

Yes, you may still enroll into a class as a self enrollment. If you are calling on the advise of an attorney, please let us know.

I am not being referred by a court, can I still attend one of your classes?


Can I enroll into a class beyond my deadline date? 

At this time we are enrolling people into the next available class.  It is your responsibility to notify the court of your class enrollment. We cannot extend your deadline for you. You will need to return to the court and request a deadline extension.

Can NCTI refer me to another class provider?

Your court/agency has referred you to NCTI. If you need to find another provider, the court must approve the provider before they will accept the change.

When do I need to pay for the class?

All of our classes must be paid for in advance.

What is your refund policy? 

If you are no longer required to attend your class we will refund your payment within 48 hours

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Discover, Master Card and Visa, Certified Checks, Money orders through the mail or cash at our office. We do not accept Personal Checks. We do not accept payments on the day of the class. 

I paid for my class at the court, why do I need to pay NCTI again?

NCTI is a private company and the court does not collect our fees. All fees and fines that you paid at the court were not a part of our class fees.

Are there any other fees that I will have to pay?

Our class fee is the only fee that you will have to pay to NCTI. 

There are no available classes close to me, will the court give me more time to complete my class?

As a general rule, no. NCTI has a 3 month schedule posted so that you can complete your class. Some class locations fill more quickly than others. The court usually grants you enough time to complete your class so that you may select a location that is convenient to you. It is up to you to enroll as quickly as you can so that you can take the class at a location close to you. If there is a class available in the metro area before your deadline date, the court will not extend your deadline.

I missed my scheduled class, can I reschedule?

If there is an available class before your deadline date, yes. However, you will be charged a rescheduling fee. This is usually half of the class fee.

I cannot afford the class, how do I apply for a fee waiver?

NCTI will not consider a full fee waiver, If you can provide proof of government assistance ( Medicaid, SSI, etc.) NCTI will offer you a discount, please call our office for details.  In some cases the agency that referred you may have funds to help you pay for the class. Please inquire with the agency that referred you. Discounts do not apply towards traffic classes.

If I am granted a fee waiver or reduction, can I reschedule my class?

Generally, once NCTI has scheduled you for your class, you may not reschedule. We have set aside a seat for you in place of a full paying client. You are responsible for attending the class you have selected.

What do I need to bring with me to the class?

You will need to bring a picture ID (driver’s license, passport, school ID) and something to write with. If you do not have a picture ID, a birth certificate or social security card will be accepted at the class.

I have completed my class, what do I do with the certificate?

This is proof of your completion of the class. Do not lose it. Each court has different policies on how to report compliance, please contact the court and receive instructions on how to present your certificate.

I have lost my certificate, how can I get a copy?

You may contact our office and request a copy. The fee is $25.00 to reproduce the certificate.

What if I need to make changes to my certificate?

Any changes to your certificate ( Case Number, Court, Name) must be made prior to the start of your class.  Any corrections made after the class has been completed will be charged a $25.00 fee. NCTI will not make changes to the date you attended the class.

 What happens if I don’t receive an email confirmation before my class? 

It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not received the information, if you fail to appear to your scheduled class you will be liable for the rescheduling fee. Please note, we have the location addresses and direction on our website and we have representatives answering the phones one hour prior to classes on Saturday and Sunday.

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