About Us

NCTI of Colorado is the leading provider of Cognitive Behavior classes around the state of Colorado. The company provides a sentencing alternative to the majority of county and municipal courts around the state. Our programs include different levels of defensive driving courses, domestic conflict management, anger management, parenting, substance abuse, shoplifting and other misdemeanors preventive programs, etc.

Cognitive-behavioral education (CBE) is among the more promising rehabilitative treatment for criminal offenders. Cognitive behavioral education helps reduce repeat offences (recidivisms) in both juveniles and adults. CBE focuses on changing patterns of behavior and thoughts about oneself by teaching individuals how to communicate better, avoid conflict and make better decisions. Our mission is to help individuals become aware of the consequences of their decisions. 

The NCTI Difference:

  • An interactive learning process that keeps you involved in assessing your present behavior that affects your values and encourages you to make positive changes.
  • In our classes you will participate and discuss a wide variety of topics including: Your environment, Values Clarification, Responsibility, Trust, Staying in Control and much more.
  • A nationally recognized curriculum that is periodically updated, revised, and published in workbooks for each participant.
  • Experienced facilitators who enjoy what they do, care about your success and are committed to helping you find ways to meet your goals.
  • All of our programs are now Live, Remote Classes that are hosted on Zoom. 
  • A class schedule that enables you to complete your class within thirty to ninety days.

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